Sixty kilometers of magical beaches with golden sands and crystal blue waters, awarded with Blue Flags, noted for their large width and shallow water. Beaches for all ages, cosmopolitan beaches with famous beach bars, great music and exotic cocktails. Beaches with taverns, a stone's throw away, tempting you for a meze, with the salty sea breeze carrying the essence of summer. Quiet,organized beaches with sunbeds and parasols for your ultimate relaxation. Beaches ideal for relaxing into your dreams, enchanted by unique sunrises and by the red sun, as it vanishes into the sea. Emerald beaches that beckon you to whisper “there's nowhere else like Halkidiki!”.

The magical and long beaches, the soft golden sand and the crystal clear water render Nea Kallikratia one of the first preferences...

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The beach of Vergia with its crystal waters and an organized beach, where the visitor can find deck sun beds, umbrellas, bars and many water sport activities.

It’s pulled up against a wide canal which separates the peninsula from mainland Greece. However, it’s the sandy beach that catches the eye here.

In the light-blue sea, at the long beach of Agios Mamas (3.5 km) in Toronaios Gulf, one can enjoy swimming and relaxing under the bright sun.

“Geoponika” or “Mykoniatika” beach located between Nea Kallikratia and Vergias village, is one of the most popular beaches at Nea Propontida.

The beach is sandy and well organized. You will find a beach bar to enjoy your coffee and quieter places to relax. In 2016, the beach was awarded with Blue Flag eco-...

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A 2km sandy beach which extends all the way from the beach of Nea Moudania to the beach of Dionysiou.

The long and picturesque coast which is quiet, very organized and popular due to its short distance from Thessaloniki, is perfect for ...

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Nea Flogita beach


Huge, splendid, sandy, fully organized beach that reaches up to Nea Moudania. Fields unfold around it, up to as far as you can see. In the old days, here was the pier for the boats that served the Saint Dionysiou...

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This is a wide, sandy beach, located in front of the homonymous settlement. The area is full of restaurants, bars and facilities of water sports and beach volley.

Enormous sandy beach linked with the beach of Nea Triglia.

Along the sandy beach, there are beach-volley grounds, refreshment stands, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the crystal clear waters.