Nea Propontida is a place of great archeological and historical interest, hosting unique natural monuments such as Petralona Cave. Great history, magnificent landscape, perfectly preserved Christian monuments and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own rich touch to the unique canvas that is Nea Propontida.

At the bridge of the Potidea isthmus one can enjoy the splendid sightseeing of both the Thermaic and the Toroneos Gulf. These two gulfs embrace the...

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Petralona Cave


Nea Moudania amphitheatre is 2.000- seat open air amphitheatre which hosts “Festival of the sea” every summer along with other events and feasts under the stars. 

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In the northeastern side of Nea Flogita village, in the area called the “Russian Metohi”, It dates back to 1311.

In the popular beach of Nea Triglia there is a protected stone building called “Magazara”.

The local stadium of Nea Triglia is the football field of the local team which hosts other events as well. 

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At a short distance from the central square of Zografou village, one will find a well preserved byzantine tower dated from the 14th century, the...

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The Windmill of Nea Gonia is one of the most picturesque sights of Nea Propontida municipality. It is an old windmill, preserved in excellent condition...

Nea Propontida municipality has Tourist Boat Shelter. In particular, the Tourist Port of Nea Moudania hosts a Tourist Boat Marina which has a...

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The traditional product of the area is the white stone, used mostly for building. It is known as the “Lakkoma Stone”.

The road along the coast between Sozopoli and Nea Kallikratia leads to the Byzantine settlement of Vergia with the famousToumba” (hill) and the ruins of the...

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The Acropolis of Antigoneia is located near Nea Gonia village. It was built on a natural bastion by the Macedonian king Antigonus Gonatas in 280 BC...