Ouzo & Tsipouro

One cannot leave Halkidiki without having taste Tsipouro! Ouzo is made in a traditional way found only in Greece; it belongs to the general category of the alcoholic drinks with a scent of anisos (anitholi). It is a product of marcs distillation and other saccharoid raw materials, which have been scented with seeds of anisos and maybe fennel, mastic of Hios, and other aromatic seeds, plants or fruits. Ouzo, for the distillation of which a special distillation machine (amvikas) is used, cannot be submitted to an aging process.


Tsipouro on the other hand, is the clear product of the marcs distillation, which means that it is not submitted to any scenting process. The variety and the fermentation procedures of the grapes, the distillation way, the analogy of ingredients are all the determinative factors during the production procedure. Tsipouro is colorless, and has a very high degree of alcohol, that is why it is often drunk with water and always with some snacks, which traditionally have the following order: light salads, sour (pickles), various dry-salted (sea rover, anchovies, e.t.c) fish, crawfishes, shrimps, rarebit, e.t.c. Many habitants of Halkidiki produce their tsipouro for sale but mostly for domestic use.