Nea Flogita

Nea Flogita - Byzantine buildings and famous coasts


In the coastal refugee village of Nea Flogita, built amphitheatrically overlooking the sea of the Thermaikos Gulf, past and present coexist. The village was built by refugees who came from Cappadocia and its current approx. 1,800 inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, while in recent years tourism plays an important role in increasing their income. The long beach of Nea Flogita, with its blue waters, is flooded every year by thousands of bathers while cafes, bars, taverns, beach bars and nightclubs are an additional attraction for children and adults. Of course the most important landmarks in Nea Flogita are the “Russian” dependency, the Byzantine buildings of the Holy Monastery of Agios Panteleimon. There, the 10th Byzantine Antiquities Ephorate is preparing the versatile “Centre of Byzantine Culture of Halkidiki”, named “Justinian”.


In the northeastern side of Nea Flogita village, in the area called the “Russian Metohi”, It dates back to 1311.