Petralona- The world-famous cave


The world-famous Petralona cave, in which the skull of an ancient hominid, one of the most important palaeontological discoveries of all time, and many prehistoric animal bones, have been found. The village inhabitants came as refugees from Pontus in Asia Minor in 1959, and later discovered the cave, finding inside the fossilized bones of many animals. A year later, in 1960, a very well preserved human skull was found, the oldest hominid remains found to date in Greece. The cave is open to the public along a 300m course, passing through the main halls and chambers, while the adjacent museum houses the important finds of the excavations. Petralona, built in the region of the “Katsika” mountain, attracts many tourists throughout the year, while it offers also limited infrastructure for accommodation. At the entrance of the village, the nameplate of the winery invites visitors to take a pause and taste the wine produced in the region. And for those who love nature and hiking, the region offers a marked trail, with a maximum altitude of 643 meters, beginning at a short distance from the cave.


Petralona Cave